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Enjoying their favourite aperitif - Diabolo!
Nina & Pierre at Le Chariot, Algajola, Corsica

The longer we stick around, the greater the chance of our customers not realising we are a family business. This is why I'm writing this little piece to remind everyone of this fact. And to stress that we're keeping French Living in the family, not only literally, with our son Pierre actively involved in the running of the restaurant, but also in the way we care for our amazing team. Pierre plays a key role in this care. His upbeat, happy and positive personality has a huge impact on the working atmosphere, keeping morale high, particularly when the temperature increases during intense, heavy service.

Pierre is hugely passionate about our highly successful little business created 28 years ago. He has always had a great love of eating out, having started at a young age in Corsica during the long summer holidays visiting family. Le Chariot in Algajola was always his favourite, and not just for their sumptuous wood-fired pizzas, but also for the moules marinières. Any excuse to drop the knife & fork and get stuck in with his fingers.

His tastes and tastebuds have naturally evolved and matured, and now French Living is lucky to receive his culinary inspiration, ideas and passion. Pierre, as many young adults today, is keen to tread lightly on our planet, moving ever more forcefully towards locally sourced, organic, seasonal ingredients, creatively combining them into French classic flavours. He has introduced the seasonal specials blackboard, a concept that will evolve and grow, guaranteed to make French Living even more exciting, more relevant......even more French Living if that is at all possible!

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