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Our Very Own, Very French, Outdoor Terrace

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

The French love their outdoor terraces. They are everywhere….on the narrowest pavement, coating every square, and even in the cold Winter sun, they will be filled with espresso coffee drinkers, absorbing the nourishing rays.

Terrace creation has improved in the UK….planning rules have softened to allow more outdoor eating and drinking areas, however the biggest difference between a French terrace and an English one is the barrior, the enclosure, the sheep-pen effect, keeping our terrace dwellers safe!

I have to say I much prefer the open relaxed design of a French terrace…but hey, we are not complaining, because after almost 25 years of existence in Nottingham city centre we have finally been granted permission to install an outdoor terrace (with obligatory barrior!)

We are now even more French than ever before (if that is at all possible!)

So come and enjoy the warm October sun while it lasts, wrap up, lift your face to the rays, warm your hands around a cup of chocolate chaud, or sip a glass of wine, and be transported to Paris for a couple of hours.

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