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On the skateboarding website named SkateAdvisors, the most common issue in this sport is the breakage of the decks after just a short time of usage. Therefore, I think it’s necessary to look at some factors that cause decks to last shorter than expected and how to expand the lifespan of the decks.

Due to the great impact applying on the deck while skating, a small mistake can make the situation worse. Let’s consider the following issues with the decks:

  • Dry and cool storage: your skateboard decks are not water resistant; therefore don’t even soak them in water or try to use the board on a rainy day unless it’s necessary. The water can tear up the board and weaken the structure of the deck.

  • Extreme heat: extreme heat causes a lot of problems with your decks such as the plies inside will start to tear apart and the grip tape can wrink.

  • Learn how to land: wrong landing techniques can easily break your deck into pieces so you need to spend time practising landing properly.

  • Do not drag the board: when draggin the board, you can gradually create a razortail which is not a good condition in case you need to get a running start. Also, the razortail is the main reason that leads to soggy pop while skating.

  • Don’t hit your deck: sometimes, you get frustrated by failing to do a trick over and over again, we both understand how it feels. However, it is not a wise idea to hit the ground with the deck or throw it hard away since the deck can be cracked or at least chipped.

These are the five most common mistakes which skaters usually make in skateboarding. If you want to find out more about further tips on maintaining the deck as well as the grip tape, do check out the website named SkateAdvisors and click on the SkateBoard categories.

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