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What are Urethane electric skateboard wheels? Is it good?

Is urethane a good material to use for skateboard wheels?

I read a few reasons why Fausto Vitello thought urethane was ideal for wheels: "Urethane has certain unusual characteristics. The first is that it has excellent abrasion resistance, implying that it will endure a long time. The second, and perhaps more essential, the benefit is that urethane provides excellent ground grip. If you are not sure, then eSkateBuddy will provide all about Urethane esk8.

The core of the wheel

There are three sets of the core position: center set, compensator set, and side set.

A central core in the center wheel equally transmits force around the contact points. So, the wheel will have an even wear pattern. The benefit of this style of wheel is that it has a good grip on the road and has an excellent anti-slip feature.

The cores of offset wheels are eccentrically situated, closer to the inner of the wheel. These wheels are well-balanced in terms of grip and slide.

The core of the side wheel is quite near to the wheel's inner lip. Because of the small quantity of urethane in the inner lip of the wheel, they offer excellent traction.


A durometer is a tool that may be used to determine the hardness of rubber, polymers, and plastics. Here are some general guidelines for using a durometer (there are exceptions to these rules). 70a-85a is suitable for cruising and providing a smoother ride. For slides, 80a-90a is a suitable range. Skateparks and stunts benefit from 90a-101a+.

Remember that the softer the wheel, the smoother the ride over uneven terrain will be. The harder the wheel is, the faster it will travel and, in most cases, the more easily it will slip. If you find it difficult to understand, then go to eSkateBuddy on


Smaller wheels accelerate more quickly and handle more nimbly. Wheels with a diameter of 65mm or less are commonly used for cruising, skateboarding, and other trick activities. 65-75mm is the recommended thickness for cruising, downhill, and pumping boards. 75mm and higher are recommended for a cruise, long-distance travel, and Esk8. Larger wheels will maintain speed for longer periods of time and provide more stability. Once you reach 80mm, they can also roll over a lot of heavier detritus.

In addition, I'll go through urethanes in further detail:

- Orangatang Kegel: With a 56mm width and contact pads, the Orangatang Kegel is one of the most agile wheels for Eboarding. There are three varieties of Duros on wheels: 77a, 80a, and 83a.

- Orangatang Caguama: the key differences are the diameter and width of the fruit, as well as the rounded lip margins.

- Abec 11 107mm SuperFly Wheel: in the esk8 scene, this is a highly popular wheel. This is due to the fact that it has a bulk diameter of 107mm and an extremely soft durometer of 74a.

- Abec 11 97mm Refly Wheels: The diameter, width, and contact pads are all smaller. It also has two durometer settings, which distinguishes it from the Superfly. Or just take the time to visit eSkateBuddy on Folkd

- iWonder Cloudwheels: These are 120mm urethane wheels with a huge core composed of foam or another soft substance. This huge core has the benefit of allowing a urethane wheel to have a thinner ride.

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