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We Are Family

Many people can't quite believe we are not a chain. I suppose we are a pretty rare breed - independent, just the one restaurant, and still owned by the same family.

Our team also feel like family, even those who leave us, because they almost always return in one way or another, to visit, to say hello or to work a few shifts to help out.

Celebrating end of busy service run at Christmas. Phew!

It is no surprise, because family is the essence of our business, the feeling of togetherness, the creation of community. This is what food is all about, particularly in France. It brings people together around a table where they can share news, stories and take time over home-made dishes, carefully made with love. And this is what Stephane and I always wanted to achieve when we set up French Living all those years ago.

It fills us with pride and joy when we see families getting together to enjoy a meal, although it can make us feel pretty old when we see the next generation of French Living customers; the kids that used to leave the crumbs everywhere for us to clear up are now parents themselves bringing in their babies!

Although I am always first to volunteer for a little babysitting duty to allow parents to finish their meal in peace.

I'll look after baby!

As with all families we take care of each and every member, which means we give our team a weekend by closing on Sundays and Mondays. So yes, we are closed on Mothers Day, but we are open the rest of the week to spoil your mum, dad, sister or brother.... gran, grandad, an atmosphere of inclusion for all family members, including the most restless toddler. Audrius is a dab hand at entertaining the kids. Well he makes me laugh!

Our aim is to continue to develop this everlasting community, so please do keep joining in with our fast-growing French Living Family.

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