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Time to Cocoon

"Cocooner" with your favourite woolly jumper and socks

It's cold, it's dark. Our instinct is to curl up in front of a fire, with a warm drink, fluffy socks and hibernate. Totally normal and natural. Our bodies are simply adapting to the season by slowing down, responding to our lower body temperatures and decreased metabolisms, leaving us with less energy.

Cocooner is one of my favourite French words, meaning to cocoon or to cosy up, cuddle up and stay indoors. For me, French Living comes into its own in the Winter, as the perfect place to "cocooner".

It's oh-so-cosy, intimate, warming and the downstairs cellar space is positively made for hibernation - the great escape from the hustle and bustle of cold, wintry Nottingham.

Cuddle up in our Toulousain cellar

Our bodies need rest, but we also can't alienate ourselves from the world. Think of this time as "socially charged hibernation". During these cold, dark days, it's even more important than usual to surround ourselves with friends and loved ones to share warmth. I can't think of anywhere more suitable for this special form of hibernation than French Living - give me soup, heart-warming comfort food, a cosy, intimate room, where we can sit together, laugh out loud (also very good for you during these dark days!) and feel nourished, nurtured and comforted.

Soupe de Noel
Sweet Potato, Coconut Milk and Leek soup

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1 Comment

davenport kim
davenport kim
Dec 13, 2023

Always take time to rest for yourself and enjoy this new life. Don't waste them. Wishing all of us happy moments every day! eggy car

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