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Keep it in the Family

We are a family-run business, from owners to staff; we support each other and watch each others backs, in good times and bad. And we've been together a long time...26 that is an achievement in this cut-throat greedy world, where giving-up and throwing away has become the norm, particularly when the going gets tough.

Our ethos is about being together as a unit, whether that be family or community, and I'm so proud to prove that those values of care, connection, love and passion really do carry you through life, so much more than the temporary hit of material wealth.

Covid is teaching us these lessons if we take the time to hear them. Today we are forced to be together in our family units, unable to mix and blend with others, but French Living remains open to receive you and your loved ones in a safe and warm environment. In fact, let's not forget that French dining is all about the family. They love nothing more than gathering everyone around the table to share home-made traditional dishes.....and talk about them. Yes, my French family loves talking about food!

As school holiday time approaches, why not think about taking your children out of their comfort zone by gathering around a French Living table, with no distractions of phones, TV or games. Taste new flavours, listen to new music, speak another language, ask questions (Stef loves answering questions!) French Living is more than a restaurant. We are here to broaden minds as well as taste-buds, to expand horizons beyond the safe and narrow, and help us feel like one huge family again.

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