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It's Party Time

In the early days of French Living, back in the 90's, we were just a little shop at street level. The huge basement was a damp warren of caves, meandering under the pavement. Back then we used it for storage; it made a perfect wine cellar. Little did we know that a couple of years later we would be given the opportunity to renovate and give the cellar a new lease of life.

I even recall saying: "this place is the perfect party space". The ceiling is deceptively high, the original red brick reminiscent of Toulouse restaurants and clubs.....

In 1996, French Living restaurant was born, and true to my declaration those walls witnessed numerous parties!

Diners can now eat upstairs at street level, and many love to people-watch from tables 39 and 40 .

Table 39

It's cosy, intimate and pretty fascinating, particularly on student night when the exuberance of youth queue down King Street, putting on an amusing live street performance.

As new clientele gaze in, peer at the menu, they are unaware of our party secret hidden below ground. French Living is deceptively spacious and capable of housing a good sized group. We love bringing the cellar party space to life with wedding celebrations, hen dos, stag dos, birthdays.... and of course Christmas! This year it will look so sparkly thanks to its recent face-lift, lighting up those old cellar walls, highlighting the wonderful array of unique French wine and spirits.

Add to the memories this year, find a reason to celebrate......

We love a good party at French Living, so take a look at our menus and Book your next party with us now.

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Our underground party secret is unknown to our new customers as they peek at the menu.

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