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Did you know? Some Corsican Fun Facts

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

1. Corsicans are not crazy about the sun! You won't find Corsicans sun-bathing in the midday sun. They'll be down at the beach for an early morning swim, or sometimes lazing on the cooler sand at sunset. And during the full heat of the day they are often hidden away behind closed shutters.

2. If you want to blend in with the locals, get yourself a Bleu de Chine jacket. They can be bought at most outdoor markets. Be sure to wash it in the sea a few times and allow it to dry in the sun to create the sought-after faded, worn Corsican look. By the way, they can be worn by women too!

3. Chestnuts and figs grow prolifically on the island. Cakes, desserts, pancakes and even beer is made with chestnuts. Be Corsican and drink Pietra.

Look out for the fig trees everywhere on the island and try fig jam with a strong Corsican cheese.

4. Did you know 2013 Wimbledon Champion Marion Bartoli comes from Corsica?

5. "A Salute" ( pronounced ar-za'ooday)

means "Cheers!"

You'll probably get yourself a free glass of something if you say this!

6. Corsicans probably won't thank me for pointing this out, but I think it's a fun fact.

Corsican people are quite small in stature, and yet they have very BIG voices. Don't think an argument is breaking out at the local market, it will just be Corsicans discussing some everyday banality. However, their powerful voices are directed to good use in their wonderful polyphony male voice choirs. If you get a chance to hear them sing take it!

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