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Come to Corsica - a Holiday to Remember

In 2004 my book Come to the Table was published, a story from the heart describing my relationship with food and my Corsican family.

I Love the Corsican Sea!

As a young woman thrown into a huge extended family and alien island culture, I stumbled and mumbled my way through the early years of marriage, not always making life easy for myself. I quickly developed a love-hate relationship with Corsica.

I loved the unspoilt natural beauty of this dramatic island; I adored the sea, discovering a passion for floating and dreaming away the hours in this silky, salty pool. I loved the herbal scents wafting under your nostrils from the sun-soaked shrub land. I loved the rugged mountains, swimming in ice-cold clean mountain rivers, hiking, even overnight camping at secluded shepherds huts.....

But I struggled with the patriarchal family structure, the formal traditions and strict sense of duty. Even the rigid meal times provoked feelings of rebellion and resistance within me.

Today, I am more accepting, more understanding, even enjoying a disciplined eating pattern and more importantly hearing kind hearts and good intentions behind the formal traditions.

If you have read my book, you will love Corsica Holidays! Stephane is offering to take you around his island, show you his village, the mountains, the favourite family beaches. He'll cook Corsican specialities, share the family recipes and secrets, help you choose the best local wine and charcuterie..... discover Corsica from a local! It will be like bringing my book alive. There's still time to read it before you go..... or you can even take it as a holiday read while you are there!

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